I was born in Lyon in May 1962, to an architect father and a painter mother. My maternal grandmother was also a painter.


During my artistic studies at the Beaux-Arts of Le Havre, I completed a year of specialist training in Paris at the LEM (Laboratoire d'Etude du Mouvement, Jacques Lecoq School). This year fascinated me. The issues addressed were rich and dense. Within our "laboratory" formed by our group of students, our interest in teamwork was affirmed. The sharing of experimentation acted upon the body, and trialling their material transcription has ever since nourished my artistic research and has never ceased to question me.


In 1990, I completed a DNSEP (Diplôme national supérieur expression plastique) in Le Havre, France. My graduating subject was about my double condition as an art student; on the one hand being passionate about the human body as a theme, and on the other, a living model posing for painters or sculptors, as much as for the other art students as for professional artists.


Having questioned myself about this duality (personal practice of drawing and painting / "subject" for others), I decided that for one year I would be "my own" painter and "my own" model in equal measure and in the same space-time. Thus, I set myself work instructions composed of material games which affixed or intertwined different parameters, be they corporeal or spatial-temporal.


During the elaboration of this work, I consciously challenged myself physically as far as possible without endangering myself, conscious of my limits.


After graduating, a few moves and two children later, I rented my first studio in Grenoble in 1994, thus integrating into my life the profession of being an artist in its own right.


Since then, in a more or less conscious way, (but in coherence with the questions I mention above), I have been working regularly with models coming from various backgrounds, on the basis of various experiments and exchanges between our respective practices.


As an artist in residence from 2015 to 2017 in the "Mille Pas" Cultural Centre in Voiron, I set up artistic and cultural exhibitions on location there, in partnership with the Town Council.


Since 2017, my studio has been located in Coublevie, France.